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use wildcards (*,?): example, bz* will match bzless and bzmore


w - Show who is logged on and what they are doing.
w.procps - Show who is logged on and what they are doing.
wall - write a message to users
watch - execute a program periodically, showing output fullscreen
wavpack - encode wav files to wavpack
wbinfo - Query information from winbind daemon
wbmptopbm - convert a wireless bitmap (wbmp) file to a portable bitmap (pbm)
wc - print newline, word, and byte counts for each file
weave - translate WEB to TeX
wesside-ng - crack a WEP key of an open network without user intervention
wftopfa - Convert a Wadalab base font to Postscript .PFA (or .PFB) format using ghostscript
wget - The non-interactive network downloader.
whatis - display manual page descriptions
whereis - locate the binary, source, and manual page files for a command
which - locate a command
whiptail - display dialog boxes from shell scripts
who - show who is logged on
whoami - print effective userid
whois - client for the whois directory service
widl - Wine Interface Definition Language (IDL) compiler
winbindd - Name Service Switch daemon for resolving names from NT servers
wine - run Windows programs on Unix
wineboot - perform Wine initialization, startup, and shutdown tasks
winebuild - Wine dll builder
winecfg - Wine Configuration Editor
wineconsole - The Wine console
winecpp - Wine C and C++ MinGW Compatible Compiler
winedbg - Wine’s debugger
winedump - A Wine DLL tool
winefile - Wine File Manager
wineg++ - Wine C and C++ MinGW Compatible Compiler
winegcc - Wine C and C++ MinGW Compatible Compiler
winemaker - generate a build infrastructure for compiling Windows programs on Unix
winemine - Wine Minesweeper game
winepath - Tool to convert Unix paths to/from Win32 paths
wineserver - the Wine server
winetricks - manage virtual windows environments using wine
winicontoppm - convert a Windows .ico file into 1 or more portable pixmap files
wipefs - wipe a filesystem signature from a device
wish - Simple windowing shell
wish8.4 - Simple windowing shell
wish8.5 - Simple windowing shell
wmc - Wine Message Compiler
wodim - write data to optical disk media
word-list-compress - word list compressor/decompressor for GNU Aspell
wpa_action - wpa_cli action script
wpa_cli - WPA command line client
wpa_passphrase - Generate a WPA PSK from an ASCII passphrase for a SSID
wpa_supplicant - Wi-Fi Protected Access client and IEEE 802.1X supplicant
wrc - Wine Resource Compiler
wrestool - extract resources from Microsoft Windows(R) binaries
write - send a message to another user
wrjpgcom - insert text comments into a JPEG file
wsgen - tool generates JAXWS portable artifacts used in JAX-WS web services. The tool reads a web service endpoint implementation class (SEI) and generates all the required artifacts for web service deployment, and invocation.
wsimport - JAX-WS 2.0 Beta
wvgain - adds ReplayGain information to wavpack files
wvunpack - decodes wavpack encoded files

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