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y4mcolorbars - Create a YUV4MPEG2 stream containing a colorbar test pattern
y4mdenoise - Motion-compensating YUV4MPEG-frame denoiser
y4mtopnm - Convert a YUV4MPEG2 stream to PNM images
y4mtoppm - Convert YUV4MPEG2 stream to PPM images
y4munsharp - Unsharp filter for YUV4MPEG2 streams
ybmtopbm - convert a Bennet Yee "face" file into a portable bitmap
yelp - browse system documentation
yes - output a string repeatedly until killed
ypdomainname - show or set the system’s NIS/YP domain name nisdomainname - show or set the system’s NIS/YP domain name dnsdomainname - show the system’s DNS domain name
yuv2lav - encodes lavtool’s raw YUV frame streams into MJPEG files
yuv4mpeg - video stream format used by pipe-based MJPEGtools
yuvdenoise - Motion-Compensating-YUV4MPEG2-frame-denoiser
yuvfps - Converts to a different frame rate
yuvinactive - Set a part of the video to a defined state
yuvkineco - revert 2-3 pulldown movie
yuvmedianfilter - A filter for yuv images produced by the mjpeg tools
yuvplay - Display YUV4MPEG2 streams (using SDL)
yuvscaler - UPscales or DOWNscales a YUV4MPEG2 stream to a specified format
yuvsplittoppm - convert a Y- and a U- and a V-file into a portable pixmap
yuvtoppm - convert Abekas YUV bytes into a portable pixmap
yuvycsnoise - Noise filter specialized for NTSC Y/C separation noise

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