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X - a portable, network-transparent window system
x-session-manager - Start the GNOME desktop environment
x-terminal-emulator - is a terminal emulation application.
x-www-browser - Fast and secure web browser and Internet suite
x11perf - X11 server performance test program
x11perfcomp - X11 server performance comparison program
x86_64 - change reported architecture in new program environment and set personality flags
x86_64-linux-gnu-cpp - The C Preprocessor
x86_64-linux-gnu-cpp-4.7 - The C Preprocessor
x86_64-linux-gnu-g++ - GNU project C and C++ compiler
x86_64-linux-gnu-g++-4.7 - GNU project C and C++ compiler
x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc - GNU project C and C++ compiler
x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc-4.7 - GNU project C and C++ compiler
xargs - build and execute command lines from standard input
xauth - X authority file utility
xbiff - mailbox flag for X
xbmtopbm - convert an X11 or X10 bitmap into a portable bitmap
xcalc - scientific calculator for X
xclipboard - X clipboard client
xclock - analog / digital clock for X
xcmsdb - Device Color Characterization utility for X Color Management System
xconsole - monitor system console messages with X
xcursorgen - create an X cursor file from a collection of PNG images
xcutsel - interchange between cut buffer and selection
xdg-desktop-icon - command line tool for (un)installing icons to the desktop
xdg-desktop-menu - command line tool for (un)installing desktop menu items
xdg-email - command line tool for sending mail using the user's preferred e-mail composer
xdg-icon-resource - command line tool for (un)installing icon resources
xdg-mime - command line tool for querying information about file type handling and adding descriptions for new file types
xdg-open - opens a file or URL in the user's preferred application
xdg-screensaver - command line tool for controlling the screensaver
xdg-settings - get various settings from the desktop environment
xditview - display ditroff output
xdotool - command-line X11 automation tool
xdpyinfo - display information utility for X
xdriinfo - query configuration information of DRI drivers
xdvi - DVI Previewer for the X Window System
xedit - simple text editor for X
xev - print contents of X events
xeyes - a follow the mouse X demo
xfd - display all the characters in an X font
xfontsel - point and click selection of X11 font names
xfreerdp - FreeRDP X11 client
xfsinfo - X font server information utility
xgamma - Alter a monitor’s gamma correction through the X server
xgc - X graphics demo
xgettext - extract gettext strings from source
xhost - server access control program for X
ximtoppm - convert an Xim file into a portable pixmap
xine - a free video player
xine-list-1.2 - get supported filetype information from xine-lib
xine-remote - a small tool to connect xine remote control server.
xinit - X Window System initializer
xinput - utility to configure and test X input devices
xjc - Java(TM) Architecture for XML Binding Binding Compiler Specification Version: 2.0 Reference Implementation (RI) Version: 2.0 ea3
xkbbell - XKB extension user utility
xkbcomp - compile XKB keyboard description
xkbevd - XKB event daemon
xkbprint - print an XKB keyboard description
xkbvleds - XKB extension user utility
xkbwatch - XKB extension user utility
xkill - kill a client by its X resource
xload - system load average display for X
xlogo - X Window System logo
xlsatoms - list interned atoms defined on server
xlsclients - list client applications running on a display
xlsfonts - server font list displayer for X
xmag - magnify parts of the screen
xman - Manual page display program for the X Window System
xmessage - display a message or query in a window (X-based /bin/echo)
xmlcatalog - Command line tool to parse and manipulate XML or SGML catalog files.
xmllint - command line XML tool
xmodmap - utility for modifying keymaps and pointer button mappings in X
xmore - plain text display program for the X Window System
Xorg - X11R7 X server
xpath - a script to query XPath statements in XML documents.
xpmtoppm - convert an X11 pixmap into a portable pixmap
xprop - property displayer for X
xqxdecode - Decode a XQX stream into human readable form.
xrandr - primitive command line interface to RandR extension
xrdb - X server resource database utility
xrefresh - refresh all or part of an X screen
xset - user preference utility for X
xsetmode - set the mode for an X Input device
xsetpointer - set an X Input device as the main pointer
xsetroot - root window parameter setting utility for X
xsetwacom - commandline utility to query and modify wacom driver settings.
xsm - X Session Manager
xstdcmap - X standard colormap utility
xsubpp - compiler to convert Perl XS code into C code
xterm - terminal emulator for X
xtotroff - convert X font metrics into GNU troff font metrics
xvidtune - video mode tuner for Xorg
xvinfo - Print out X-Video extension adaptor information
xvminitoppm - convert a XV "thumbnail" picture to PPM
xwd - dump an image of an X window
xwdtopnm - convert a X11 or X10 window dump file into a portable anymap
xwininfo - window information utility for X
xwud - image displayer for X
xxd - make a hexdump or do the reverse.
xz - cat, lzma, unlzma, lzcat Compress or decompress .xz and .lzma files
xzcat - , lzma, unlzma, lzcat Compress or decompress .xz and .lzma files
xzcmp - , xzdiff, lzcmp, lzdiff compare compressed files
xzdiff - , lzcmp, lzdiff compare compressed files
xzegrep - search compressed files for a regular expression
xzfgrep - search compressed files for a regular expression
xzgrep - search compressed files for a regular expression
xzless - , lzless view xz or lzma compressed (text) files
xzmore - , lzmore view xz or lzma compressed (text) files

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