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adds ReplayGain information to wavpack files

see also : wavpack - wvunpack


wvgain [-options] INFILE...

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wvgain perceptually analyzes WavPack audio files for volume, calculates ReplayGain information based on this, and adds the appropriate APEv2 tag fields. ReplayGain-enabled players will use this information to produce the same perceived loudness on all tracks. Both individual track and whole album ReplayGain information can be calculated.



album mode (all files scanned are considered an album)


clean ReplayGain values from all files


display calculated values only (no files are modified)


ignore .wvc file (forces hybrid lossy)


new files only (skip files with track info, or album info if album mode specified)


show stored values only (no analysis)


quiet (keep console output to a minimum)


Copyright © 2005 Sebastian Dröge
Copyright © 2009 David Bryant

see also

wavpack , wvunpack

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