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convert tpic \specials for use by pdftex

see also : pic - groff - awk - pdftex


pic -t somefile.pic | tpic2pdftex > somefile.tex

Process somefile.tex by pdftex/pdflatex.

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tpic2pdftex 1.97 - checked 10may12
vlna 1.5 - checked 10may12


Experimental awk script for conversion of tpic \specials as produced by (groff-)pic into pdfTeX \pdfliteral sections for further processing by pdftex.


Current version: 1.97.

tpic \special description see e. g.: Goossens, Rahtz, Mittelbach: The LaTeX Graphics Companion, Addison-Wesley, 1997, pp. 464.


Spline curve shapes not fully authentic (unknown algorithm). Bounding box does not care for line thickness (groff pic feature). Splines might be outside bounding box. Fill color does not work correctly for arrowheads (pic limitation).

see also

pic , grap, groff , awk , pdftex .

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