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IrDA setup utility for Toshiba Satellite 1800


toshsat1800-irdasetup [options]

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IrDA configurator for laptops with ALI1533 bridge (LPC47N227 SuperIO), smc-ircc and not initializing BIOS (tested on Toshiba Satellite 1800-514) to be used with Linux kernel.


-a, --skip-decoding-cfg skip ISA bridge decoding configuration
, --skip-smc-ircc-cfg skip SMC-IRCC configuration
, --vendor=VALUE look for the specified ISA bridge PCI vendor id
, --device=VALUE look for the specified ISA bridge PCI device id
, --cfgbase=VALUE set SMC-IRCC IO cfgbase address
, --sirbase=VALUE set SMC-IRCC IO sirbase address
, --firbase=VALUE set SMC-IRCC IO firbase address
, --dma=VALUE set SMC-IRCC DMA channel
, --irq=VALUE set SMC-IRCC IRQ
, --print print ISA bridge configuration
, --help show this help

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More detailed information in /usr/share/doc/toshset/README.IrDA or online at


toshsat1800-irdasetup was written by Daniele Peri <peri[:at:]csai.unipa[:dot:]it>.

This manual page was written by Roberto C. Sanchez <roberto[:at:]connexer[:dot:]com>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

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