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set a field in a TIFF header

see also : tiffdump - tiffinfo - tiffcp


tiffset [ options ] filename.tif

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The following example sets the image description tag (270) of a.tif to the contents of the file descrip:

tiffset -sf 270 descrip a.tif

The following example sets the artist tag (315) of a.tif to the string ’’Anonymous’’:

tiffset -s 315 Anonymous a.tif

This example sets the resolution of the file a.tif to 300 dpi:

tiffset -s 296 2 a.tif
tiffset -s 282 300.0 a.tif
tiffset -s 283 300.0 a.tif

Set the photometric interpretation of the third page of a.tif to min-is-black (ie. inverts it):

tiffset -d 2 -s 262 1 a.tif


Tiffset sets the value of a TIFF header to a specified value.


-d dirnumber

change the current directory (starting at 0).

-s tagnumber [ count ] value ...

Set the value of the named tag to the value or values specified.

-sd diroffset

change the current directory by offset.

-sf tagnumber filename

Set the value of the tag to the contents of filename. This option is supported for ASCII tags only.

see also

tiffdump , tiffinfo , tiffcp , libtiff(3TIFF)

Libtiff library home page:

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