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disassemble PostScript Type 1 font

see also : t1asm - t1ascii - t1binary - t1unmac - t1mac


t1disasm [input [output]]

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% t1disasm Utopia-Regular.pfb Utopia-Regular.raw
% t1disasm Utopia-Regular.pfa Utopia-Regular.raw

In Subrs entries in Utopia-Regular.raw will look like

dup 5 {
8 111 vstem
-12 128 hstem
707 -20 hstem
} |

and the CharStrings entries like

/exclam {
58 242 hsbw
6 callsubr
5 4 callsubr
63 707 rmoveto
-54 0 -5 -22 4 -45 rrcurveto
40 -431 rlineto
29 hlineto
42 431 rlineto
4 45 -5 22 -55 0 rrcurveto
6 4 callsubr
-719 vmoveto
243 callsubr
} |-

./postprocess.ff $j $i
t1disasm MnSymbol$i$j.pfb | gawk -f packsubr.awk | t1asm -b > finalpfb/MnSymbol$i$j.pfb
write_comment "create ascii version of the font first (disassemble)"
run_command "t1disasm $mvs.pfb $mvs.pfb.txt"
write_comment "apply a patch to that one"
for f in t1ascii t1asm t1binary t1disasm t1mac t1unmac; do
rm -f $pkgdir/usr/share/man/man1/$f.1
# remove files that belong to psutils


t1disasm disassembles Adobe Type 1 font programs in either PFA (hexadecimal) or PFB (binary) formats into human-readable form. If the file output is not specified output goes to the standard output. If the file input is not specified input comes from the standard input.

t1disasm performs eexec and charstring decryption as specified in the ’’black book’’, Adobe Type 1 Font Format. Additionally, the charstring binary tokens are expanded into human-readable text form, using the names given in the black book and later documents describing Type 2 opcodes.

see also

t1asm , t1ascii , t1binary , t1unmac , t1mac

Adobe Type 1 Font Format is available free from Adobe as a PDF file:

The Type 2 Charstring Format, also available from Adobe as a PDF file, describes the newer Type 2 operators, which are also used in some multiple-master Type 1 fonts like Adobe Jenson and Kepler:


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Eddie Kohler (ekohler[:at:]gmail[:dot:]com)

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