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Split combined virtual hosts access log into one file per virtual host


split-logfile < logfile

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split-logfile < /var/log/apache2/other_vhosts_access.log

    phf_abuse_log.cgi split-logfile envvars-std
+CLEAN_TARGETS = suexec suexec-custom
PROGRAMS = htpasswd htdigest rotatelogs logresolve ab htdbm htcacheclean httxt2dbm $(NONPORTABLE_SUPPORT)


This script will take a combined Web server access log file and break its contents into separate files. It assumes that the first field of each line is the virtual host identity (put there by "%v"), and that the logfiles should be named that+".log" in the current directory.

The combined log file is read from stdin. Records read will be appended to any existing log files.

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