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ri1.8 [options] [names...]

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ri1.8 displaies information on Ruby classes, modules, and methods. You can give the names of classes or methods to see their documentation. Partial names may be given: if the names match more than one entity, a list will be shown, otherwise details on that entity will be displayed.

Nested classes and modules can be specified using the normal Name::Name notation, and instance methods can be distinguished from class methods using "." (or "#") instead of "::".

For example:
ri1.8 File
ri1.8 F.n
ri1.8 zip

Note that shell quoting may be required for method names containing punctuation:
ri1.8 ’Array.[]’
ri1.8 compact\!


--classes, -c

Display the names of classes and modules we know about.

--doc-dir, -d dirname

A directory to search for documentation. If not specified, we search the standard rdoc/ri directories.

--format, -f name

Format to use when displaying output: ansi, bs, html, plain, simple. Use ´bs’ (backspace) with most pager programs. To use ANSI, either also use the -T option, or tell your pager to allow control characters. (for example using the -R option to less.)

--list-names, -l

List all the names known to RDoc, one per line.

--no-pager, -T

Send output directly to stdout.

--width, -w width

Set the width of the output.

--version, -v

Display the version of ri1.8.

--help, -h

Display help.

Options may also be passed in the ’RI’ environment variable

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