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Convert a PPM to an LSS16 image


ppmtolss16 [


...] [< input.ppm] [> output.rle]

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pnmtoplainpnm | \
ppmtolss16 \#000000=0 \#ffffff=7 > logo.lss 2>/dev/null
echo " done"


This manual page documents briefly the ppmtolss16 command.

The ppmtolss16 program converts a "raw" PPM file with max 16 colors to a simple RLE-based format:

simple RLE-based format

Image grohtml-229641.png

Color map is in 6-bit format (each byte is 0..63)

Then, a sequence of nybbles:

N ... if N is != previous pixel, one pixel of color N, otherwise run sequence follows ...

M ... if M > 0 then run length is M+1, otherwise run sequence is encoded in two nybbles, littleendian, +17

The nybble sequences are on a per-row basis, runs may not extend across rows and odd-nybble rows are zero-padded.

At the start of a row, the "previous pixel" is assumed to be zero.


A summary of options is included below.


Specify that the color #rrggbb (hex) should be assigned index i (decimal).


This program cannot handle comments in the header, nor "plain" ppm format.

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This manual page was compiled by dann frazier <dannf[:at:]debian[:dot:]org> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). Most of the content was written by H. Peter Anvin.

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