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print selected sections of pod documentation on standard output


podselect [-help] [-man] [-section section-spec] [file ...]

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pod/pod2usage.PL pod/podchecker.PL pod/podselect.PL \
plextract = pod/pod2html pod/pod2latex pod/pod2man pod/pod2text \
plextract = pod/pod2html pod/pod2latex pod/pod2man pod/pod2text \
pod/pod2usage pod/podchecker pod/podselect \
addedbyconf = UU $(shextract) $(plextract) pstruct


podselect will read the given input files looking for pod documentation and will print out (in raw pod format) all sections that match one ore more of the given section specifications. If no section specifications are given than all pod sections encountered are output.

podselect invokes the podselect() function exported by Pod::Select Please see "podselect()" in Pod::Select for more details.

options and arguments


Print a brief help message and exit.


Print the manual page and exit.

-section section-spec

Specify a section to include in the output. See " SECTION SPECIFICATIONS " in Pod::Parser for the format to use for section-spec. This option may be given multiple times on the command line.


The pathname of a file from which to select sections of pod documentation (defaults to standard input).

see also

Pod::Parser and Pod::Select


Please report bugs using <>.

Brad Appleton <bradapp[:at:]enteract[:dot:]com>

Based on code for Pod::Text::pod2text(1) written by Tom Christiansen <tchrist[:at:]mox.perl[:dot:]com>

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