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PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method PEAR::raiseErro() in /usr/share/php/PEAR/REST.php on line 165

I had this on Ubuntu 10.04 installing the Mongo PHP-extension. Did some research and tried this:

# pear search http
The value of config option cache_dir (/tmp/pear/cache) is not a directory and attempts to 
create the directory failed.

When I created the directories by hand:

mkdir -p /tmp/pear/cache
the error "went away" and I was able to install: "pecl install mongo".

what exactly happens when I "sudo apt-get install php-pear"

  1. letting the package manager of your distribution make the work has the benefit of having always a consistent system. no missing deps, no conflicting versions. if you deinstall something, the package manager removes what it has installed.
    if you are downloading and unzipping the stuff you want to install and fiddling with the deps, then you are the download manager. things which can be automated should be automated.

  2. in your case:

    % dpkg -L php-pear

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