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PulseAudio OSS Wrapper

see also : pulseaudio - pasuspender


padsp [options] PROGRAM [ARGUMENTS ...]

padsp -h

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MESA_EXTENSION_OVERRIDE=GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc padsp playonlinux


padsp starts the specified program and redirects its access to OSS compatible audio devices (/dev/dsp and auxiliary devices) to a PulseAudio sound server.

padsp uses the $LD_PRELOAD environment variable that is interpreted by and thus does not work for SUID binaries and statically built executables.

Equivalent to using padsp is starting an application with $LD_PRELOAD set to


-h | --help

Show help.


Set the PulseAudio server to connect to.


The client application name that shall be passed to the server when connecting.


The stream name that shall be passed to the server when creating a stream.


Disable /dev/mixer emulation.


Disable /dev/sndstat emulation.


Disable /dev/dsp emulation.


Enable debug output.

see also

pulseaudio , pasuspender ,


The PulseAudio Developers <pulseaudio-discuss (at) lists (dot) freedesktop (dot) org>; PulseAudio is available from

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