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verify all files on an MS-DOS formatted disk

see also : mtools - mdir - mtype


mcheck [msdosdrive]

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WEBINTERFACEMODULES='Graphics::Magick URI::Escape'
OPTIONALBINARIES='smbclient pagsh kinit aklog'
mcheck() {
bcheck perl
echo "++++ Checking required modules:"
mcheck $MODULES
echo "++++ Checking optional modules:"


mcheck is a script that verifies all files on a MS-DOS formatted disk by reading them using mtype(1)

The optional argument specifies the MS-DOS drive letter of the disk to be checked. A: is used by default.


Copyright (C) 1994 David C. Niemi (niemi[:at:]tuxers[:dot:]net)

The author requires that any copies or derived works include this copyright notice; no other restrictions are placed on its use.

see also

mtools , mdir , mtype


mcheck was written by David C. Niemi <niemi[:at:]tuxers[:dot:]net>

This manual page was written by Rabin Vincent <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

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