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computes fontsizes and magsteps


mag [-Rdpi] magstep . . .

mag [-r] [-Rdpi] fontsize . . .

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The result of mag -R240 -2 0 0.5 1 will be:

167 240 263 288

The inverse function is computed with the -r option. The result of mag -r -R240 167 240 263 288 will be the fontsteps:

-2 0 0.5 1

The UNIX shells allow command substitution. One can write:

mag -r -R240 ’mag -R240 -2 0 0.5 1’


Image grohtml-80411.png

This tool calculates fontsizes given magsteps. TeXfonts are provided as true sized fonts or as magnifications. The fontsize of a true sized font equals the resolution of the printer (ex. 300). The fontsize of a font magnified $n$ magsteps equals:

Image grohtml-80412.png

rounded to its nearest integer value. Fontnames for TeX fonts normally consists of the name (cmr), pointsize (10), type (pk) and fontsize (360), for example: cmr10.360pk.


18 December, 1989


Piet Tutelaers
University of Technology Eindhoven

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