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L2CAP testing



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l2test is L2CAP testing program.


l2test <mode> [options] [bdaddr]

listen and receive
listen and send
listen and dump incoming data
listen, then send, then dump incoming data
connect and send
connect and receive
connect and be silent
connect, then send, then dump incoming data
connect, disconnect, connect, ...
multiple connects
trigger dedicated bonding
information request

[-b bytes] [-i device] [-P psm] [-J cid]
[-I imtu] [-O omtu]
[-L seconds] enable SO_LINGER
[-W seconds] enable deferred setup
[-B filename] use data packets from file
[-N num] send num frames (default = infinite)
[-C num] send num frames before delay (default = 1)
[-D milliseconds] delay after sending num frames (default = 0)
[-X mode] select retransmission/flow-control mode
[-Q num] Max Transmit value (default = 3)
[-Z size] Transmission Window size (default = 63)
[-F fcs] use CRC16 check (default = 1)
[-R] reliable mode
[-G] use connectionless channel (datagram)
[-U] use sock stream
[-A] request authentication
[-E] request encryption
[-S] secure connection
[-M] become master
[-T] enable timestamps


This manual page was written by Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <iwamatsu[:at:]debian[:dot:]org>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

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