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- send a signal to all processes.

see also : halt - reboot - pidof


killall5 -signalnumber [-o omitpid[,omitpid..]] [-o omitpid[,omitpid..]..]

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echo "Sending all processes the TERM signal..."
killall5 -15
sleep 5
echo "Sending all processes the KILL signal..."
killall5 -9
: exit 0


killall5 is the SystemV killall command. It sends a signal to all processes except kernel threads and the processes in its own session, so it won’t kill the shell that is running the script it was called from. Its primary (only) use is in the rc scripts found in the /etc/init.d directory.


-o omitpid

Tells killall5 to omit processes with that process id.

exit status

The program return zero if it killed processes. It return 2 if no process were killed, and 1 if it was unable to find any processes (/proc/ is missing).


killall5 can also be invoked as pidof, which is simply a (symbolic) link to the killall5 program.

see also

halt , reboot , pidof


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