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GConf to GSettings schema conversion

see also : gsettings-data-convert


gsettings-schema-convert [option...] {file}

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gsettings-schema-convert converts between GConf and GSettings schema file formats. Note that the conversion is not expected to be fully automated. You are expected to verify and edit the result of the conversion.

Note that GSettings schemas need to be converted into binary form with glib-compile-schemas before they can be used by applications.

, --help

Print help and exit

-o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT

Store the generated output in the file OUTPUT. If no output file is specified, the generated output is written to stdout.

-f, --force

Overwrite the output file if it already exists.

-g, --gconf

The input file is a GConf schema.

-s, --simple

Produce a GSettings schema in simple format. The simple format is easier to edit and can be converted into the XML format with gsettings-schema-convert later on.

-x, --xml

Produce a GSettings schema in XML format. If the output format is not explicitly specified, this is the default.

-i ID, --schema-id=ID

Use ID as the schema id in the generated GSettings schema.

-d DOMAIN, --gettext-domain=DOMAIN

Use DOMAIN as the gettext domain in the generated GSettings schema.

-u, --keep-underscores

Keep underscores in key names instead of replacing them with dashes. GSettings keys should not contain any underscore.

see also

gsettings-data-convert a related command to migrate user settings from GConf to GSettings.

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