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make a memdisk-based GRUB image

see also : grub-mkimage


grub-mkstandalone [OPTION] SOURCE...

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echo "generating grub 2 standalone for uefi 64bit: filename bootx64.efi"
grub-mkstandalone -d "$MODULES" -O "x86_64-efi" -C xz -o bootx64.efi


Generate a standalone image (containing all modules) in the selected format
, --help

print this message and exit

-v, --version

print the version information and exit

-o, --output=FILE

save output in FILE [required]

-d, --directory=DIR

use images and modules under DIR [default=/usr/lib/grub/<platform>]

-O, --format=FORMAT

generate an image in FORMAT

available formats: i386-coreboot i386-multiboot i386-pc i386-pc-pxe i386-efi i386-ieee1275 i386-qemu x86_64-efi mipsel-yeeloong-flash mipsel-fuloong2f-flash mipsel-loongson-elf powerpc-ieee1275 sparc64-ieee1275-raw sparc64-ieee1275-aout ia64-efi mips-arc mipsel-qemu_mips-elf mips-qemu_mips-flash mipsel-qemu_mips-flash mips-qemu_mips-elf

-C, --compression=(xz|none|auto)

choose the compression to use


pre-load specified modules MODULES


use FILE as grub-mkimage

reporting bugs

Report bugs to <bug-grub[:at:]gnu[:dot:]org>.

see also


The full documentation for grub-mkstandalone is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and grub-mkstandalone programs are properly installed at your site, the command

info grub-mkstandalone

should give you access to the complete manual.

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