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Glade interface engine for scripts


glade2script [ --glade ] [ options ] ...

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[[ "$G2S" = glade2script ]] && [[ "$(lsb_release -cs)" = oneiric ]] && FIX_EXPANDER=yes || FIX_EXPANDER=""
[[ "$(LANGUAGE=C LC_ALL=C lscpu | grep 64-bit)" ]] && ARCHIPC=64 || ARCHIPC=32


Glade2script allows a script (Bash, Python or other) to display and interact with a GUI (created with Glade).
Most of the opportunities offered by Gtk are available. A terminal (vte) and/or webkit are integrable. One can also embed an external application that supports it natively, like mplayer or gvim. A plugin system was added to extend G2S capability.
Documentation, many examples, and an interface giving access to the archive supports (simply install and run glade2script-doc).
Glade2script is already used by several software, such as Boot-Repair, OS-Uninstaller, Debeditor, DeskWall, GUnity, LaunchBash, Malokal, mkv_extractor_gui, Screencastor, Sylaba2, Xee, Zenitor.
This package contains the executable of the Gtk3 version.

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