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archive manager for GNOME


file-roller [OPTIONS...] [FILE...]

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echo $@ |sed 's/\ /\\ /g' |xargs file-roller --extract-to=$DIR
try file-roller 'unzip -l' &
try file-roller 'gunzip -l' &
try file-roller 'tar tvf' &
sleep 3


File Roller is a graphical interface to archiving utilities such as tar and zip.

It supports most common operations such as creating, modifing and extracting files from an archive. You can also view the contents of an archive and open files contained in the archive.


-a, --add-to=ARCHIVE

Add files to the specified archive and quit the program

-d, --add FILE

Add files asking the name of the archive and quit the program

-e, --extract-to=FOLDER

Extract archives to the specified folder and quit the program

-f, --extract

Extract archives asking the destination folder and quit the program

-h, --extract-here

Extract archives using the archive name as destination folder and quit the program


Default folder to use for the ’--add’ and ’--extract’ commands


Create destination folder without asking confirmation

This program also accepts the standard GNOME and GTK options.

see also

gtk-options, gnome-options

The online documentation available through the program’s Help menu.


file-roller is written by Paolo Bacchilega <paolo.bacch[:at:]tin[:dot:]it>.

This manual page was written by Sven Arvidsson <sa[:at:]whiz[:dot:]se>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

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