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GNOME document viewer The Evince Document Viewer application for the GNOME desktop environment

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evince "$@"
evince lab_place.pdf &
evince c.pdf &
function evince {
apt-get install -y evince

Where does evince store its settings?

The per document settings are stored in the file ~/.gnome2/evince/ev-metadata.xml.


How to set default browser for PDF reader Evince on Linux?

Set the default browser in Gnome applications with gnome-default-applications-properties.


PDFs open in GIMP on Linux system

A bit of further research found that the offending file was ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.lst


How to prevent evince from contacting other instances?

It seems that previous Evince versions (up to 2.28) had the behavior I described in my question. Fortunately, version 2.30 changed that behavior to the one I wanted.

So, the answer is: update Evince to 2.30 or newer.


Why does Evince for Windows look so much cleaner than the Linux version?

You say "Linux", but you might be looking at two entirely different versions of Evince, depending on which "Linux" you're using. The name and exact version number of your Linux distro would help. Chances are good that simply using the latest stable version of Evince on Linux will resolve the issue. Evince, and all GNOME programs, have been rapidly changing of late due to the release of a new major version of GNOME (GNOME 3). If you are running a pre-GNOME3 distro, in particular, it will have very old versions of packages.


bogus memory allocation size in RedHat Linux Enterprise 5

You could try ghostscript or Okular or kpdf or another free viewer.

You could install Foxit or Adobe reader proprietary software for Linux.

You could see if there are updates available for your RHE5 system.

You could report the bug and wait for Red Hat to fix it. :)



Evince is a document viewer capable of displaying multiple and single page document formats like PDF and Postscript. For more general information about Evince please visit our website at


-?, -h, --help

Prints the command line options.

-p, --page-label=PAGE

Open the document on the page with the specified page label (or page number).

-p, --page-index=NUMBER

Open the document on the page with the specified page index (this is the exact page number, not a page label).

-f, --fullscreen

Run evince in fullscreen mode.

-s, --presentation

Run evince in presentation mode.

-l, --find=string

You can pass a word or phrase here. If it exists, evince will display the document and the first match.


Specifies the file to open when Evince starts. If this is not specified, Evince will open a blank window. Multiple files can be loaded if they are separated by spaces. Evince also supports handling of remote files. For example, you can pass the location on the web or load a file from a FTP server, like "".

print preview options

These options are primarily intended for use with the GTK+ print preview function. For more information about these options see
-w, --preview

Run evince as a previewer.


If evince is run in preview mode, this will unlink the temporary file created by GTK+.

--print-settings %s %f

This sends the full path of the PDF file, f, and the settings of the print dialog, s, to evince.


evince [--help] [--page-label=PAGE | --page-index=NUMBER] [--fullscreen] [--presentation] [--preview] [--find=STRING] [filename(s)...]


If you find a bug, please report it at

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