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print dvi-files

see also : dvips


dvired [ options ] file

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It is assumed that the PRINTER-variable is set.

dvired -Plw foo - send output to printer lw.
dvired -o foo
- send output to file
dvired -pp4-7 foo
- send 4 pages (reduced onto 2 sheets) of foo to the printer.
dvired foo -f | ghostview -
- preview output with ghostview.

dvired -o $@ $<
%.gz: %
gzip -c9 < $< > $@ || { rm -f $@; false; }
%.pdf: %.dvi
dvipdf $< $@


dvired behaves like dvips, except for the fact that two logical pages are put onto each physical sheet of paper.

For options, see dvips(1). This program only interprets the following options:

-o file - redirect output into file.

-P printer - direct output to printer.

-f - direct output to stdout.

Any other option is passed directly to dvips.


dvired is fixed on A4 paper size. If you want to use it with other paper, you have to change the settings within the source.

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