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convert a TeX DVI file to Hewlett-Packard PCL

see also : dvicopy - dvilj4


dvihp [options] dvifile[.dvi]

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dvihp translates the given dvifile to Hewlett-Packard PCL using dvicopy(1) then $DVILJ (dvilj4 by default).

In the absence of other options, pipe the PCL to $SPOOL (lpr by default).


Options are recognized from dvips where possible:


print odd pages


print even pages

-d n

set debug bits to n (see documentation)

-D n

set resolution to n


run as filter

-l n

don’t print pages after n


manual feed

-n n

print n pages

-O a,b

set/change paper offset to a,b mm.

-o s

output to s instead of spooling

-p n

don’t print pages before n.


pass directly to lpr.


verbose operation.

-x n

set magnification to n.


write usage summary.

Other options are passed to the dvilj program.


Email bug reports to tex-k[:at:]tug[:dot:]org.

see also

dvicopy , dvilj4 .

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