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splits directory into multiple with equal size


dirsplit [options] < directory | content-list-file >

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Run dirsplit -H to see the commented examples.


displit is designed to for a simple purpose: convert a directory with many multiple files (which are all smaller than a certain medium, eg. DVD) and "splits" it into "volumes", looking for the optimal order to get the best space/medium-number efficiency.

The actual action is either adding the files to mkisofs catalogs or real moving of files into new directories (or creating links/symlinks). The method is not limited to files, whole directories can also be handled this way (see various filesystem exploration modes).


Run dirsplit -h to get the basic usage info.
Run dirsplit -H to get the whole option overview and description.


dirsplit is created by Eduard Bloch (blade[:at:]debian[:dot:]org) and is licensed under the GPLv2.

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