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suid registration program (deprecated)


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This program used to register suid and sgid files with suidregister(1), but with the introduction of dpkg-statoverride(8), registration of files in this way is unnecessary, and even harmful, so this program is deprecated and should not be used.

converting to statoverride

Converting a package that uses this program to use the new statoverride mechanism is easy. Just remove the call to dh_suidregister from debian/rules, and add a versioned conflicts into your control file, as follows:

  Conflicts: suidmanager (<< 0.50)

The conflicts is only necessary if your package used to register things with suidmanager; if it did not, you can just remove the call to this program from your rules file.

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This program is a part of debhelper.


Joey Hess <joeyh[:at:]debian[:dot:]org>

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