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adds Numpy depends to python:Depends substvar

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using the dh_numpy and dh_numpy3 helpers. (Closes: #698169)
- Add build-depends on python3-numpy.
* Fix a number of failing tests that rely on pygame being tested with OpenGL


dh_numpy adds information about the correct versioned depends on python-numpy to python:Depends substvar.

This is needed because some Python extensions require strict versioned depends on python-numpy, and using this helper script is the easiest and most consistent way to get them.

The helper script uses the information stored in /usr/share/numpy/versions, and the architecture type of the package, to generate the Depends information; for a detailed description of how the dependencies are generate, please refer to /usr/share/doc/python-numpy/README.DebianMaints .


dh_numpy [debhelper options]

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This program is not a part of debhelper (and it’s provided by python-numpy).

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