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generate DEBIAN/md5sums file


dh_md5sums [debhelper options] [-x] [-Xitem] [--include-conffiles]

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dh_md5sums is a debhelper program that is responsible for generating a DEBIAN/md5sums file, which lists the md5sums of each file in the package. These files are used by the debsums package.

All files in DEBIAN/ are omitted from the md5sums file, as are all conffiles (unless you use the --include-conffiles switch).

The md5sums file is installed with proper permissions and ownerships.


-x, --include-conffiles

Include conffiles in the md5sums list. Note that this information is redundant since it is included elsewhere in Debian packages.

-Xitem, --exclude=item

Exclude files that contain item anywhere in their filename from being listed in the md5sums file.

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This program is a part of debhelper.


Joey Hess <joeyh[:at:]debian[:dot:]org>

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