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install bash completions for package

see also : bash


dh_bash-completion [debhelper options]

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dh_bash-completion is a debhelper program that is responsible for installing completions for bash, usable installing the "bash-completion" package.

If a file named debian/package.bash-completion exists, then different actions are performed, depending on its format.

It can be a proper completion snippet, and in that case it would be installed in the completion directory, and no other actions would be performed.

It can also be a list of files, with an optionally specified name to call the completion snippet after. The file format is as follows:

  my/path/to/foo-completion       # this would be installed as "foo-completion"
  my/path/to/bar-completion  baz  # this would be installed as "baz"

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This program is a part of bash -completion.



David Paleino <d.paleino[:at:]gmail[:dot:]com>

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