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Devanagari for TeX preprocessor


devnag in[.dn] [out[.tex]]

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echo 'Generated Velthius Coded text'
devnag 02-velthius-coded.dn
mv 02-velthius-coded.tex 03-final-ascii.tex
echo 'Generated LaTex ASCII text'


devnag is a preprocessor that reads transliterated Devanagari input delimited by n and converts it into a form with which TeX is familiar.

The preprocessor handles the details of character placement such as the alignment of vowel diacritics and consonant ligatures. The rest of the layout, however, must be managed by the user.

For specification of the format please see the documentation accompanying the package.


in[.dn] out[.tex]

The default file extension for an input file is .dn and for an output file .tex. The output filename is optional. If an output filename is not specified, the preprocessor will name it after the input file.


report devnag version


devnag was written by Frans J. Velthuis <velthuis[:at:]rc.rug[:dot:]nl> and is currently maintained by Zdenek Wagner <wagner[:at:]cesnet[:dot:]cz>. This manpage was written by Norbert Preining for Debian/GNU Linux and may be used, modified and/or distributed freely by anyone.

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