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update PO files about debconf templates

see also : debconf-gettextize - po2debconf - podebconf-report-po


debconf-updatepo [-v] [-h] [--podir= DIR ] [--skip-pot] [--skip-merge] [--msgid-bugs-address= EMAIL ]

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This program reads po/ to determine which master files need to be processed, then extracts new gettext strings into po/templates.pot and updates all po/*.po files. This script can be called either in the top-level directory, or in the debian or debian/po subdirectories. It is run by developer and/or translator to update PO files when the English text is modified in templates files.


-h, --help

Display a usage summary and exit.

-v, --verbose

Process in verbose mode.

--podir= DIR

Set directory for PO files. By default PO files are searched in debian/po, po and ../po directories in that order.


Do not generate a new po/templates.pot file.


Do not merge existing PO files with po/templates.pot.

--msgid-bugs-address= EMAIL

Set the email address that will be specified in the POT ’s Report-Msgid-Bugs-To field.

By default, this field is set to <package>[:at:]package.debian[:dot:]org.

It is intended for the maintainers of Debian based distributions, and should be used in the following cases:


The package is not present in Debian (and thus the <package>[:at:]packages.debian[:dot:]org address does not exist).


The maintainer made significant changes in the debconf templates (or added templates to a Debian package without templates), and does not want to bother the Debian maintainer with bug reports that won’t be relevant for the Debian maintainer.

The default address is preferred to avoid corrections in the Debian based distribution without a notification to the Debian maintainer.

see also

debconf-gettextize , po2debconf , podebconf-report-po , po-debconf.

  Denis Barbier <barbier[:at:]linuxfr[:dot:]org>

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