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convert a file to another format using cups filters


cupsfilter [ -D ] [ -U user ] [ -c config-file ] [ -d printer ] [ -e ] [ -i mime/type ] [ -j job-id[,N] ] [ -m mime/type ] [ -n copies ] [ -o name=value ] [ -p filename.ppd ] [ -t title ] [ -u ] filename

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global cupsfilter
set cupsfilter [pfget $Pfname cupsfilter]
global convert
set convert [pfget $Pfname convert]
# as part of effort to migrate from Solaris/Antelope4.11 to MacOSX/Antelope5.2
global State WEEKLYDB weekly_template cupsfilter weekly_txt
puts "Using this template: $weekly_template\n"


cupsfilter is a front-end to the CUPS filter subsystem which allows you to convert a file to a specific format, just as if you had printed the file through CUPS. By default, cupsfilter generates a PDF file.



Delete the input file after conversion.

-U user

Specifies the username passed to the filters. The default is the name of the current user.

-c config-file

Uses the named cupsd.conf configuration file.

-d printer

Uses information from the named printer.


Use every filter from the PPD file.

-i mime/type

Specifies the source file type. The default file type is guessed using the filename and contents of the file.

-j job-id[,N]

Converts document N from the specified job. If N is omitted, document 1 is converted.

-m mime/type

Specifies the destination file type. The default file type is application/pdf. Use printer/foo to convert to the printer format defined by the filters in the PPD file.

-n copies

Specifies the number of copies to generate.

-o name=value

Specifies options to pass to the CUPS filters.

-p filename.ppd

Specifies the PPD file to use.

-t title

Specifies the document title.


Delete the PPD file after conversion.


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