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Check passwords using libcrack2

see also : cracklib-format - cracklib-packer - cracklib-check


create-cracklib-dict wordlist ...

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chroot $SYSTEM /usr/sbin/remove_initd sysklogd
chroot $SYSTEM /usr/sbin/remove_initd checkfs
chroot $SYSTEM /usr/sbin/create-cracklib-dict /usr/share/dict/cracklib-words


create-cracklib-dict takes one or more word list files as arguments and converts them into cracklib dictionaries for use by password checking programs. The results are placed in the default compiled-in dictionary location.

If you wish to store the dictionary in a different location, use the cracklib-format and cracklib-packer commands directly.

see also

cracklib-format , cracklib-packer , cracklib-check ,


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