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The CPANPLUS launcher



cpanp [-]a [ --[no-]option... ]  author... 

cpanp [-]mfitulrcz [ --[no-]option... ]  module... 

cpanp [-]d [ --[no-]option... ] [ --fetchdir=... ]  module... 

cpanp [-]xb [ --[no-]option... ]

cpanp [-]o [ --[no-]option... ] [ module... ]

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This script launches the CPANPLUS utility to perform various operations from the command line. If it’s invoked without arguments, an interactive shell is executed by default.

Optionally, it can take a single-letter switch and one or more argument, to perform the associated action on each arguments. A summary of the available commands is listed below; "cpanp -h" provides a detailed list.

    h                   # help information
    v                   # version information
    a AUTHOR ...        # search by author(s)
    m MODULE ...        # search by module(s)
    f MODULE ...        # list all releases of a module
    i MODULE ...        # install module(s)
    t MODULE ...        # test module(s)
    u MODULE ...        # uninstall module(s)
    d MODULE ...        # download module(s)
    l MODULE ...        # display detailed information about module(s)
    r MODULE ...        # display README files of module(s)
    c MODULE ...        # check for module report(s) from cpan-testers
    z MODULE ...        # extract module(s) and open command prompt in it
    x                   # reload CPAN indices
    o [ MODULE ... ]    # list installed module(s) that aren't up to date
    b                   # write a bundle file for your configuration

Each command may be followed by one or more options. If preceded by "no", the corresponding option will be set to 0, otherwise it’s set to 1.

Example: To skip a module’s tests,

    cpanp -i --skiptest MODULE ...

Valid options for most commands are "cpantest", "debug", "flush", "force", "prereqs", "storable", "verbose", "md5", "signature", and "skiptest"; the ’d’ command also accepts "fetchdir". Please consult CPANPLUS::Configure for an explanation to their meanings.

Example: To download a module’s tarball to the current directory,

    cpanp -d --fetchdir=. MODULE ...

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