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Browse for mDNS/DNS-SD services using the Avahi daemon

see also : avahi-publish - avahi-resolve - avahi-daemon


avahi-browse [options] service-type

avahi-browse [options] --all

avahi-browse [options] --browse-domains

avahi-browse [options] --dump-db

avahi-browse-domains [options]

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echo "Setup nfs automount..."
avahi-browse-domains -t -a -d local | grep Workstation | cut -d' ' -f6 |
while read host


Browse for mDNS/DNS-SD network services and browsing domains using the Avahi daemon.


Specify a DNS-SD service type (e.g. _http._tcp) to browse for on the command line, or -a to browse for all available service types. Items that appear on the network are prefixed with "+", items that disappear are prefixed with "-". If --resolve is passed items that are resolved are prefixed with "=".
-a | --all

Browse for all service types registered on the LAN, not just the one specified on the command line.

-D | --browse-domains

Browse for browsing domains instead for services. avahi-browse-domains is equivalent to avahi-browse --browse-domains

-d | --domain= DOMAIN

Browse in the specified domain. If omitted avahi-browse will browse in the default browsing domain (usually .local)

-v | --verbose

Enable verbose mode.

-t | --terminate

Terminate after dumping a more or less complete list.

-c | --cache

Terminate after dumping all entries available in the cache.

-l | --ignore-local

Ignore local services, show only remote services.

-r | --resolve

Automatically resolve services found.

-f | --no-fail

Don’t fail if the daemon is not found running. Instead, wait until it appears. If it disconnects, try to reconnect.

-p | --parsable

Make output easily parsable for usage in scripts. If enabled fields are separated by semicolons (;), service names are escaped. It is recommended to combine this with --no-db-lookup.

-k | --no-db-lookup

Don’t lookup services types in service type database.

-b | --dump-db

Dump the service type database (may be combined with -k)

-h | --help

Show help.

-V | --version

Show version information.


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see also

avahi-publish , avahi-resolve , avahi-daemon


The Avahi Developers <avahi (at) lists (dot) freedesktop (dot) org>; Avahi is available from

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