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display various information about the current AppArmor policy.


aa-status [option]

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aa-status will report various aspects of the current state of AppArmor confinement. By default, it displays the same information as if the --verbose argument were given. A sample of what this looks like is:

  apparmor module is loaded.
  110 profiles are loaded.
  102 profiles are in enforce mode.
  8 profiles are in complain mode.
  Out of 129 processes running:
  13 processes have profiles defined.
  8 processes have profiles in enforce mode.
  5 processes have profiles in complain mode.

Other argument options are provided to report individual aspects, to support being used in scripts.


aa-status accepts only one argument at a time out of:

returns error code if AppArmor is not enabled.


displays the number of loaded AppArmor policies.


displays the number of loaded enforcing AppArmor policies.


displays the number of loaded non-enforcing AppArmor policies.


displays multiple data points about loaded AppArmor policy set (the default action if no arguments are given).


displays a short usage statement.


aa-status must be run as root to read the state of the loaded policy from the apparmor module. It uses the /proc filesystem to determine which processes are confined and so is susceptible to race conditions.

Upon exiting, aa-status will set its return value to the following values:


if apparmor is enabled and policy is loaded.


if apparmor is not enabled/loaded.


if apparmor is enabled but no policy is loaded.


if the apparmor control files aren’t available under /sys/kernel/security/.


if the user running the script doesn’t have enough privileges to read the apparmor control files.

If you find any additional bugs, please report them at <http://>.

see also

apparmor, apparmor.d, and <>.

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