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ACPI event listener

see also : acpid


acpi_listen [options]

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acpid is the system-wide ACPI event catcher. acpi_listen is a simple shell-friendly tool which connects to acpid and listens for events. When an event occurs, acpi_listen will print it on stdout.


-c, --count events

Receive up to a maximum number of ACPI events, then exit.

-s, --socketfile filename

This option changes the name of the UNIX domain socket which acpid opens. Default is /var/run/acpid.socket.

-t, --time seconds

Listen for the specified time in seconds, before exiting.

-v, --version

Print version information and exit.

-h, --help

Show help and exit.




There are no known bugs. To file bug reports, see AUTHORS below.

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